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13 March 2023
The Social Network of Wind Energy
Wind is a key component of our present and future energy supply. Different stories about the technology are told for different reasons.

20 February 2023
The Social Experience of the Internet
In 2023, the internet is shaped by the companies that dominate it, the stories that they tell. Let's tell new stories, to create a better internet built for people.

29 September 2022
History of Computing
A slightly hit-and-miss collection of links.

21 July 2022
Getting Started with Netflow
Some notes about getting started with Cisco Netflow.

01 June 2022
App Deployment
Some draft notes for multi-tenant app development and deployment using PostgreSQL, Node.js and Express or Apache.

20 February 2021
Dispatch Down is a Problem for Ireland
Notes about dispatch down in Ireland. Dispatch down means removing a power generator from the grid for good reasons.

Starting in Small Wind
Some recommended reading. Updated 2022. Since this note was originally put together, the small wind industry suffered a major reversal and many companies no longer exist.

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