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PhD in Computing at Dublin City University.
BA, BAI in Mechanical Engineering at Trinity College Dublin.

2022, 2021

Lecturer, DCU
Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research with the School of Computing.

CEO, Simpitiko

2020, 2019, 2018

Engineer, Enterprise Defence
Designing and building the full-stack - front/back ends and API - for a networks/security web app.
I wrote the documentation for Viavi GigaFlow, a network performance and security cyber security monitoring tool.
Python, JavaScript, node.js, Angular, PostgreSQL, Sequelize with some knowledge of cybersecurity, Netflow and infrastructure device technology
Story boarding, system architecture, Software as a Service (SaaS)

CEO, Simpitiko


Founder and CEO, Simpitiko
Simpitiko is a privately seeded start-up that set out to build systems to support social media engagement with code on the AI spectrum. Our prototype product was Aiva.One.
Python, JavaScript, PHP, text analysis, Twitter API, system architecture
Start-up, fund raising

2016, 2015

Senior Research Fellow, Trinity College Dublin
Founded the Distributed Wind Energy Group in the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering with external funds.
Initiated IEA Wind Task 39 about Quiet Wind Technology. I wrote the initial proposal and was responsible for building a consensus at meetings across Europe and making the proposal to the IEA Wind executive committee in Brussels. Raised funds for this work from SEAI.
Deputised for Ireland at the IEA Wind executive committee.
Invited guest to Wind Europe 2016 in Hamburg and an invited speaker at three conferences in 2016 in Vienna, Gdańsk and Dublin.
Presented at the Small Wind Conference in Wisconsin in 2015, generously funded by a private donor from the wind industry.
Participated in the EU SWIP project, attending meetings across Europe and proposing a blade profile for the prototype turbine.
Wind turbine research, proposal writing, fund-raising


CTO and Head of Product, Airsynergy
Hired for the executive team of a newly funded Irish wind turbine manufacturer.
Responsible for a team of ten and the design and implementation of a small factory and several wind turbine designs, including design, test and certification.
Wind turbine research and development, executive management

2013, 2012, 2011

Lecturer and Director, Centre for Renewable Energy, Dundalk Institute of Technology
Tenure-track lecturer in wind energy and director of one of Ireland's only dedicated renewables research centres.
M.Sc. Renewable Energy Systems course director.
Invited to lecture in Hong Kong by the HK Productivity Council, summer visit in Warsaw with the Institute for Renewable Energy, participation in RTÉ Prime Time debate on wind energy, meeting with Taoiseach Enda Kenny.
Teaching, research, wind energy, proposal writing, fund-raising

2011, 2010

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Ampair
Based in Dorset, in England, the UK's oldest wind turbine manufacturer at the time.
Part of the management team, hired during a venture backed expansion of the company.
Responsible for the aerodynamic and mechanical design, modelling, build and test of, a 6 kW, 5.5 m wind turbine.
Aerodynamic design, wind turbine research and design, technical management

2010, 2009

Research Fellow, Centre for Renewable Energy, Dundalk Institute of Technology
Worked to develop a novel emergency control system for wind turbines.
Based largely at the Institute for Numerical Computation and Analysis in Dublin. Non-executive director of the institute.
Aerodynamic design, wind turbine research and design, on-site testing

2009, 2008, 2007

Research Officer (Aide), Office of the Theme Leaders, Dublin City University
An Atlantic Philanthropies backed project to coordinate societal needs-led research in energy.
Proposal writing, fund-raising, interdisciplinary research coordination


Teradyne, line worker and later process engineer - Telstra - ESB, secured paid internship after competitive process - Morey's Piers - Disneyland Paris

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