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12 May 2021
Uploading Grades to Moodle
Small note about how to upload grades to Moodle.

11 January 2017
Solar Farms Work in Ireland
Some updated numbers about solar energy in Ireland; solar plants selling wholesale electricity seem to make sense.

15 December 2016
New IEA Wind Task on Quiet Wind Turbine Technology
Approved proposal for a new IEA Task on Quiet Wind Turbine Technology.

24 June 2015
Can Medium Wind Compete With Solar?
Can a medium-sized wind turbine compete with solar photovoltaic panels? The summary answer is yes: at typical mid-wind sizes and costs, at average sites, wind energy is competitive with solar energy.

06 May 2015
Do Balloon Mounted Wind Turbines Work?
The idea of a balloon mounted wind turbine is a nice one.

29 April 2015
Are Larger Wind Turbines Paid for Faster?
And what is the financial pay-back period for large wind turbines?

17 April 2015
Do Solar Farms Work in Ireland?
Somebody asked me what I thought about this: the short answer is that at this point solar farms may make sense in Ireland.

17 April 2015
Is Germany In a Mess (Because of Renewables)?
Is Germany in a mess because of renewables? Taking a long view, the opposite seems probable - it will be in good shape.

16 January 2015
How Does a Wind Turbine Fall Down?
This hardly ever happens. However ...

Blade Integrated Overspeed Protection for Small Turbines — Experimental Observations
Technical note published in Wind Engineering.

03 September 2013
A Live TV Debate About Wind Energy
I was invited to contribute to a live television debate about wind developments in Ireland's midlands.

01 August 2013
Wind and Renewables Are About Trying Harder
Letter published in The Irish Examiner.

HK Has Role in Wind Power Development
Letter published in The South China Morning Post.

09 April 2013
Debating the Right Things
Letter published in The Irish Times.

02 April 2013
Some Thoughts About the Donegal V52 Failure
Some analysis based on news reports and photographs.

29 March 2013
Implications of a V52 Failure
Does the recent Donegal V52 failure have any implications for the DkIT on-campus wind turbine?

11 January 2012
Wind Turbines Are Not Increasing Carbon Emissions
No, probably the opposite. Obviously.

On Electrodynamic Braking for Small Wind Turbines
Paper published in Wind Engineering.

15 September 2011
Inter-Disciplinary Academic Efforts
Finding a common language and a reason to do it is hard.

20 July 2011
Wind in the Media
Stick to facts where they exist.

12 April 2010
Tupolev 154
Double standards when reporting on a tragedy.

Urban Wind Energy Resource Evaluation
It's not straightforward. A report on work completed at DkIT.

A Numerical Model of a Drug Particle Dissolving in a Dissolution Test Apparatus
A paper presented at the GAMM (German Applied Mathematics Society) conference in Gdańsk in 2009.

Innovation is Academic
At least, it can be.

Response to An Energy Research Strategy for Ireland
DCU's response to the government's energy research strategy.

28 June 2007
SolEire, the Solar Research Group at DCU
An excerpt from the introduction to DCU's application for the abandoned Charles Parsons Awards in 2007.

The Importance of Boundary Conditions in the Simulation of Dissolution in the USP Apparatus
Paper published in Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory.

The Effect of a Meteorological Tower on its Top-Mounted Anemometer
Paper published in Applied Energy.

André Lévêque - Thesis Outline
A table of contents.

André Lévêque - His Doctoral Thesis, Page 285
Where Lévêque describes convective heat transfer close to a surface.

André Lévêque - A Review of His Velocity Profile Approximation
Lévêque paved the way for others to solve the boundary-layer problem.

Wind Energy is Part of the Solution
Letter published in The Boston Globe.

CCFSM 2005
Third M.I.T. Conference on Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics.

Ludwig Prandtl
A short biography to celebrate 100 years since publication of his famous paper.

European Wind Energy Conference (EWEC) 2004
A short report.

Polymers in Diffusion and Drug Delivery
Niall McMahon

The Mechanics of Drug Dissolution
A paper presented at the GAMM (German Applied Mathematics Society) conference in Abano Terme in 2003.

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